Some Best Academic Essay Topics For Students To Use

Some Best Academic Essay Topics For Students To Use
Academic essays are considered as one of the core requirements of degree completion. Usually, academic essays are used to test student writing and analytical skills. Sometimes students are given predefined topics by their professors and sometimes they are asked to choose one by keeping in view the latest trends and events. Choosing an academic essay topic is a challenging task. If you’re also struggling to select a topic for your academic essay, then Why not give this article a read? In this article, I will list down some compelling and latest academic essay topics for students to use in 2022. Moreover, this article will also provide you with some best tips to structure your essay like a PRO!!

What Is An Academic Essay?

An academic essay refers to students' focused and structured piece of writing. The building block of this piece of writing is an idea or an argument that students develop before writing up an academic essay. Students develop them through rigorous research (evidence and facts). Academic essays aim to deliver specific thoughts either by using first-hand or second-hand information. They allow students to exhibit their knowledge and creativity in gathering and synthesising information. Moreover, they enable them to develop clear and specific ideas in communicating this piece of information.

What Is A Structure Of An Academic Essay?

A standard structure of an academic essay comprises of five paragraphs. One paragraph entails a brief introduction to an essay. This paragraph focuses on enthralling the reader's attention in reading the whole academic essay. The other three paragraphs comprise of the main topic under the essay. The last fifth paragraph discusses the key findings by exploring the argument or an idea.

Some Best Academic Essay Topics For Students To Use

Academic essays involve widespread categories. They can be persuasive or argumentative. They can be descriptive or exemplifying. Moreover, they can be narrative or critical. This article will focus on descriptive and argumentative academic essays only. The list of some best academic essay topics for students is as follows as provided by experts of an affordable essay writing service;

Current Academic Essay Topics of 2022

  • Necessary actions in preserving endangered wild species worldwide.
  • Curing people suffering from dementia.
  • Importance of books for children’s mental growth.
  • How learning a foreign language helps students?
  • The impact of a generation gap.
  • Social media marketing in targeting new and existing consumer base.
  • The impact of e-books in achieving excellence in exams.
  • Addressing economic inequalities in developing countries worldwide.
  • The support of the government, social activists, and private institutes for arts.
  • Pros of a healthy diet.

Academic Essay Topics for College Students

  • Is social media is effective in spreading positive word of mouth about a brand?
  • Impact of mobile phone usage for teenagers.
  • Factors encouraging technological advancements in developed countries of the world.
  • Your opinions on equity and fairness principles in the workplace.
  • Role of family issues in affecting mental health of children.
  • List of social activities that should be made illegal.
  • Healthcare system of the UK.
  • Our project managers of construction industries perform multi-job roles.
  • Is online learning better than a physical mode of learning?

Academic Essay Topics for University Students

  • Identifying ways of solving environmental pollution at a state, national, and international level.
  • Why well-being of people is essential in policy formulation and implementation?
  • Growing artificial beauty trend- Cosmetic Surgery in developed and developing countries worldwide.
  • The role of firms in encouraging diversity.
  • How does fashion influences global spending?
  • Rural areas and quality of education.
  • Preserving ancient historical and heritage buildings.
  • Increasing health issues due to widespread of CoVID-19 pandemic.
  • Your thoughts on Feminism.
  • Obesity and fatigue due to not taking breakfasts.

Descriptive Essay Topics for University Students

Descriptive essays are one of the academic essay types. It entails an in-depth description of a person, object, or place. It may be a situation, feeling, or an experience of a person. They express emotions of a person in a clear and descriptive manner. They tend to be creative in nature by involving personal experiences. The aim behind descriptive essays is to describe how a certain phenomenon is in that way. It is the easiest way of writing academic essays as it involves less research and more personal experiences. Following are some of the best descriptive academic essay topics for university students;
  • High college friend you wish to meet and party.
  • First-day university experience by comparing it with your expectations.
  • Scariest experience a student ever had in their childhood or adulthood.
  • If you ever get a chance to win a lottery, what would you like to buy first?
  • Describe the salient characteristics of your mentor?
  • Your favourite nature’s place since your childhood?
  • Describe how family nepotism in the workplace causes conflicts?
  • The weirdest function you never wish to attend again in your life.
  • Idea place for camping in summer vacations.
  • The place your family would like to go for destination wedding.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays encourage presenting arguments and justifying them through facts and evidence. Some of the best argumentative academic essays for students are as below;
  • Freedom should be available to college students in opting for their courses.
  • Cigarette manufacturing and selling should be an illegal activity.
  • Dieting is becoming an increasing issue of fatigue and obesity.
  • Sports are vital in developing moral characters in students.
  • Physical education courses should not be mandatory.
  • One year off is effective in joining studies again after high college.
  • Technology is making people dependent in itself.
  • Imprisonment with a fine should be for drunk drivers.
  • The UK should ban gambling in its country.
  • Do entrepreneurial leaders are born or do they develop with time?
  • Social media is leading to cause severe mental health issues such as anxiety or depression in youth.
  • Government should encourage and support recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.

Final Thoughts

Academic essays enable college and university students to develop creative abilities in them. They provide them with a comprehensive platform to share their ideas and personal experiences. They allow them to communicate their thoughts in a clear and structured way. Students usually struggle with their academic essays but If you have carefully read the above-mentioned tips 80% of your problems are already solved and if you are still unsure you can always seek help form online essay writing websites.

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