A Sample Essay on Future Gender Equality

Future Gender Equality
Gender equality is the name of such a state where all the people gain the same opportunities. Moreover, they also enjoy the same rights in society. Anyhow, we have to observe discrimination between human beings in society. These kinds of discriminations exist in society due to various reasons. In some areas, it exists due to cultural differences. In other areas, it may exist due to geographical differences. Research by an essay writing service UK shows that some societies are facing discrimination issues due to gender differences. Anyhow, gender inequality is a real concern in the world. Here, we have to discuss gender equality. It means that we have to provide the same opportunities to men and women in different areas of life like politics, education and much more.

The gender equality lovers will love to make it an accomplishment soon. In the future, it can become a possibility in the world. Anyhow, some nations are still claiming one-sided gender. It means that they are thinking that a specific gender is superior to the opposite gender. In most cases, they consider women are inferior to men. When we deeply observe this kind of separation, we will know that it is exceptionally dangerous. As a result, it can create lots of problems for the inferior genders. For example, they have to face problems in lifestyles. Moreover, one gender has to face the problem of being submissive to the other. Anyhow, the degrees and reasons for gender inequality are different in different areas of the world.

There is a concept of honour killing in some areas of the world. According to this point of view, they have the right to execute a woman from society because she has become the reason for shame for the family. This thing is creating some monstrous problems in the Middle East countries. Secondly, sex-selective abortion is also creating some critical problems in the country. This thing can create lots of problems in society. In these problems, there comes human trafficking and sexual abuse etc. For example, if women fail to give birth to male offspring, people consider them useless. As a result, the women have to suffer enough pain in the community.

No doubt, India and China are the most populated countries in the world. In these countries, people give more importance to male birth over female birth. Its reason is that they underestimate females. Moreover, they also consider them the weak members of society. China is following the one-child policy. By following this policy, they have to keep only one child. That's why they prefer to keep male children than a female child. There are some bad customs and traditions in India. Due to these customs and traditions, they consider females a burden on their parents. That's why Indian society is supporting male birth. Due to these reasons, sex-selective abortion is increasing in these countries. In some areas, the ratio of men is also increasing.

Now, countries have revealed that gender equality is playing a vital role in enhancing overall growth. They are using various indexes to measure gender equality. For example, they can use GDI to measure gender equality. By using this index, we can easily measure gender equality within a country by gathering data about expectancy, education and incomes etc. GEM is also an important index to measure gender equality. By using this index, we have to gather data about the proportion of seats in various areas. In these seats, there come seats in national assembly, decision making and share of power etc. They can also use the GEI index to measure gender equality. By using this index, we have to measure gaps in gender inequality. After measuring these parameters, we can easily work on them to provide equal rights to men and women.

We should keep in mind that women are not only suffering from gender inequality issues in society. Some other members of society are also facing gender inequality issues. The governments and people are torturing them for various reasons. For example, some people are torturing other people just because they like a specific group of people. Due to some reasons, they are also killing people of the same gender. In some cases, they also perceive how they will look in other people's eyes. Due to these reasons, they have to face various problems. They are getting hitched. They are also embracing the kids. In some cases, they are landing some typical job positions. Sometimes, people like same-sex people. Anyhow, they can't marry them because it is quite unnatural and society is not accepting it.

Due to the sexual orientation fairness, we have to be legit. If the world is one-sided to one man, it is inconceivable. As a result, the world will become more alpha dominant than equal sides of the men and women. If we will create gender equality in society, we can overcome these kinds of problems. Its reason is that gender equality is one of the best ways to overcome these problems in society. We should not think about sex. Instead of different sexes, we are still equivalent. The only thing that isolates us is sex. If we fail to create this kind of sense in the world, we have to face some long-lasting problems in the world.

Research by a cheap essay writing service shows that in the future, governments will have to work on gender equality. For the well-being and growth of a country, we have to score high in gender equality. The countries have also recognized the importance of gender equality. Due to less disparity in gender equality, the countries will progress a lot. The underdeveloped countries have to face these inequality problems. They have created laws that are supporting gender equality. For example, they have started to raise the importance of females in society. This thing will decrease selective-gender abortion. To provide equal rights to the girls, they have created various laws to protect the girls in society. After creating these laws, we have to face some problems to implement these laws. For this reason, we have to correctly implement these policies. Without implementing these policies, they can't get the required results.

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